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The Lodge, Pampisford Rd, South Croydon

Site description: The site lies behind a row of garages and a block of flats. Residential properties and back land development surround all sides. Access to the existing small dwelling positioned to the northern boundary was via a single garage.

Proposal: The proposal looked to create a contemporary home and transform this urban site to a hidden garden oasis. Access and overlooking were key considerations due to the close proximity of tall neighbouring buildings. The proposed house is located along the full northern boundary with a small flank end slotted between the garages forming an entrance from the communal drive. The entrance utilises setbacks and planting to provide a green transition from public parking to private residence with the upper floor overhanging slightly to mark the front door.

The orientation of the house and the use of glazed walls to the south elevation maximise light while the use of inside outside rooms visually enlarge the interior and form a connection to the courtyard. First floor rooms sit within the roofscape to reduce scale and impact while windows are carefully located to frame outside views both above and between the surrounding properties.

The materials of timber for house and pergola reflect those in the garden walls.  The planted pergola, water trough and boundary planting provide a series of layers to screen the house and the garden terraces from overlooking and provide solar shading, creating a tranquil contemporary south facing courtyard garden. RIBA Stages 0-4

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