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Oakley Court, Merstham.


Site description: Grade II listed building. Housing to west, open landscape to north and east and woodland within the greenbelt. Extensive TPO trees on and around site. Listed manor house, surrounding land and outbuildings.

Proposal: Renovation and conversion of listed manor house to flats. Conversion, extension and change of use to the to the east. Proposal of 22 houses including 8 in the existing house together with landscaping to minimise impact to the open landscape and setting of the listed building. RIBA Stages 0-3

Visual 2_210115.jpg
Co3_Oakley court visual 5 2.jpg
Visual 2i_210115.jpg
Visual 4_210115.jpg
Visual 6_210115.jpg
* Visual 1_210115.jpg
oakley aerial.jpg
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