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High Beeches, Ashdown Forest, Sussex


Site description:  The site is located in a rural area outside any defined development boundary within the High Weald Area of outstanding natural beauty and the medieval pale of the Ashdown Forest. To the north is the Ashdown Forest site of special area of special scientific interest (SSSI), conservation (SAC) and special protection area (SPA). The site is within the 7km zone of exclusion around the protection zone of the forest.

High Beeches is a substantial residential dwelling sited in a rural location in the heart of the Ashdown Forest and is accessed via a private 150m drive.

Proposal: Replacement dwelling responding to the site topography, orientation and views. Centred around an existing oak tree, the proposed building curves around the entrance driveway, stepping from two storey, to single storey and a curved garden wall. RIBA Stages 0-3*

LGF plan.jpg
GF FF plan.jpg
GF FF plan.jpg
* HB Proposed FINAL 2.jpg
* brown paper.jpg
HB Sepia3.jpg
GOOGLE SITE PLAN_High Beeches_120213-1.j
* DSC_0143.JPG
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