Heathville Road, Crouch Hill, London

Site description: The application site is occupied by a four storey property and incorporates a generous end of terrace garden space.

Proposal:The proposal is for a single storey extension which aims to utilise the afforded end of terrace space. Positioned at a lower ground floor level, the proposal would be fully screened from the street level.

The extension is designed to be subordinate to the existing property, maintaining the hierarchy of the main building.  The materials palette was carefully considered to enhance the current building. The wrapped extension reflects the corner and end of terrace site and forms the bookend to the terrace and acts as a transition from built form to garden space. 

An intensive sedum roof has been proposed to enhance the ecological sustainability of the site and to provide an aesthetically pleasing roof for any potential overlooking from the flats above. The flat sedum roof although not readily accessible, would visually appear as an extension of the garden stepped terraces. RIBA Stages 0-3


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