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Brook Farm, Tunbridge Wells, East Sussex

Site: This large agricultural site sits to the south of TW and to the west of Frant lakes. The complex of farm buildings are accessed via a long drive 0.2 miles off Bayham Road.

Proposal: The conversion of a group of barns to the western edge of the farm to a residential dwelling. Central to the design was retaining an agrarian feel to the conversion and new build while maximising views to the south over the fields and open landscape. The north east glass entrance linked the existing buildings and formed an enclosed contemporary courtyard with selected framed views of the landscape beyond.  This maintained the clarity of the existing roof forms viewed from the footpath and beyond. To the rear of the barns the spaces open up, with large areas of south west facing glazing. To retain the agrarian style within a contemporary design and, counter light emittance, slatted timber cladding with openable louvres was utilised.  

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