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Ashkirk, Tatsfield, Kent 

Site Description: The property a detached 1950’s single storey dwelling is located on the southern side of Maesmaur Road on land that slopes upwards away from the road. The site is long and thin with properties in close proximity on either side. The property lies within the Green Belt area of Tatsfield. There are mature trees within the rear garden. This and the neighbouring amenity and the character and appearance of the existing building and surrounding area are the main constraints.

Proposal:  It is proposed to infill the existing veranda to the front of the property and create a new contemporary single storey rear extension to house a new kitchen and utility. The existing layout will also be remodelled to update the bungalow. The scheme includes associated landscaping including garden terrace and steps to the front elevation. RIBA Stages 0-3

Front Elev Exist (make B&W).jpg
Front Elevation.jpg
Rear Elev exist(make B&W).jpg
Rear Elevation.jpg
Plan 3D (SMALL).jpg
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